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Our mission at Ella Eyes is to provide comprehensive eye care services to our patients. The vision and ocular health of our patients are our main concerns. Our team at Ella Eyes is committed to meeting all of our patient's eye care needs.


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Great News For Dry Eye Sufferers!

We want to update you with some exciting news! Ella Eyes has an ongoing commitment to offer our patients the latest and greatest in innovation. With that in mind, we are excited to be one of the first practices in the country that will be providing TearCare®, a novel inoffice thermal therapy and gland clearing for patients who suffer from dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), or blepharitis.

MGD is the leading cause of dry eye symptoms, otherwise known as evaporative dry eye. If you are one of the 40 million patients suffering from Dry Eye Disease you may experience common symptoms such as

dry, burning, itchy, gritty, or tired feeling eyes. Dry eye disease may cause fluctuations in vision throughout the day and may make the wear of contact lenses increasingly uncomfortable. Dry eye causes eyes to appear red and irritated and may cause them to water and tear excessively. 

To learn more about TearCare®, click this link. Thank you for your loyalty to our practice! We look forward to continuing to bring you and your family the most advanced technology in eye health.

To schedule your procedure or a dry eye evaluation, please call (713) 722-9066 to set up an appointment.


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Our dedicated and experienced optometrists, Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen, have provided a wide variety of eye care services to meet the needs of each patient for over 20 years. Their specialties include myopia management, specialty contact lens fits, and dry eyes. They have also excelled in diagnosing, managing, and treating many ocular diseases such as glaucoma, retinal dystrophy, cataracts, and many other ocular diseases.

Our optometrists are dedicated to spending the necessary time to educate patients on the presence of a potential vision issue and its prevention.

Dr. Ngo has owned and managed Ella Eyes for over 10 years with tremendous success and has built a strong and loyal patient base.

Dr. Nguyen has successfully owned and managed multiple locations in Houston, Baytown, Rosenberg, and Sugar Land for over 20 years. She has also served as a consultant in operations management for various optometric and medical practices.

Their vision has shaped the treatment programs at Ella Eyes, and their guidance has helped many residents in Houston and surrounding areas.

Dr. Ngo and Dr. Nguyen will examine, educate, and prescribe the best corrective eyewear or contact lenses as needed to provide our patients with the sharpest vision.

To fit their work and home lifestyle. Our friendly and knowledgeable optical experts will answer any questions, help frame style, and recommend the best lenses for eyeglasses or sunglasses. Ella Eyes also offers many brands of contact lenses as well as specialty contact lenses, Ortho-K, and many other optometric products.

Due to their extensive optometric knowledge and years of training, along with their deep passion and strong commitment to delivering the highest standard of patient care, they have the ability to early diagnose, educate, and formulate an effective treatment protocol for each patient.


Our modern and beautiful optical offers a wide variety of fashion-forward, exquisite, and high-quality frames and the best and current technological digital lenses to provide our patients with the sharpest vision and the best looks.

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At Ella Eyes, our patient receives an opportunity to consult with our expert eye doctors, our highly trained opticians, and our friendly optometric assistants to create an informed, smooth, and pleasant eye care experience

Ella Eyes provides a complete and comprehensive range of eye care services, from eye exams, contact lens fitting, managing ocular diseases such as eye infections, glaucoma, retinal diseases, contact lenses, and glasses purchase. Our specialties are myopia management, dry eyes, and specialty contact lens fitting.


Routine eye care is vital in staying healthy. Our team at Ella Eyes is committed to helping each patient maintain their best vision. Dr. Ngo and Dr. Nguyen are ready to answer any questions regarding your vision. Our eye doctors have served patients in Hedwig Village, Memorial, Tanglewood, Spring, Bellaire, and surrounding areas.

Their strong passion for optometry and deep dedication to taking care of their patients have created a strong and loyal patient base from Baytown, Tomball, Sugar Land, and Rosenberg, to as far as Mexico, Germany, and Spain.

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