Eye infections

Eye infections can generate some particularly alarming symptoms. Waking up to find your eyes stuck together or bright red is not a good feeling. We can help people with eye infections at Ella Eyes in Houston, TX. Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms can help you get prompt treatment. 


Practice Good Eye Hygiene to Prevent Pink Eye

The best way to deal with pink eye is to never catch it in the first place. Avoiding touching your eyes helps you to prevent transferring bacteria to your eyelids or eye surface. If you need to touch your eyes, such as to put in contacts, then make sure to wash your hands. Keeping your contacts clean and changing them regularly is also helpful for preventing an infection.

If you wear makeup, then be sure to wash any brushes or applicators regularly. You’ll also want to toss eye makeup by its expiration date and never share it with other people. Parents will want to remind their kids to avoid sharing eye products with their friends, since pink eye is especially prevalent in children.

Watch for Common Symptoms of an Eye Infection

Pink eye gets its name from the very color that appears in the whites of your eye. This common infection can have bacterial or viral causes, but the symptoms are often the same. Redness of your eyes might be accompanied by excessive teariness. You may have thick discharge that comes from your eyes. Washing this gently away with a clean, wet washcloth can help to reopen eyelids that get stuck together overnight. You'll also want to remember that eye allergies can sometimes share similar symptoms as infections. You can let an eye doctor on our optometry team check it out if you are unsure and need to know.

Understand How an Eye Doctor Treats Infections

An optometrist is trained to diagnose eye infections and provide a recommendation for treatment that helps restore your eye health. Since eye infections can get serious, we may begin by offering you prescription eye drops that can help your body fight off ones that are caused by bacteria. While the infection is active, you may be asked to stop wearing contact lenses to prevent further irritation. An eye doctor on our optometry might also check to make sure that you aren’t developing any complications when she conducts your eye exam.

Schedule a Visit with Our Optometrist to Check Your Eye Health

Do you need an eye exam to find out what is causing your unusual symptoms? Our eye care provider at Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, can help you tell the difference between allergies and an infection while helping to give you the best treatment to aid in a swift recovery. Call us at (713) 722-9066 for more information.

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