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About Us

Getting To Know Ella Eyes

Our one and main goal for  Ella Eyes of  Houston has always  been to provide our patients with all the knowledge and treatment to help maintain the health of their eyes and to have the sharpest vision with the necessary  optical products.

In pursuit of that goal, our team of  Ella Eyes has worked constantly  to improve on how  we  can serve our patients more efficiently.  It’s a evolving  process that Ella Eyes will dedicated to achieve with each patient daily.

 We are looking forward to welcome you to begin your comprehensive eye care journey at our beautiful optical and to get a consult with one of our experienced and dedicated doctors. 

Meeting Your Eye Care Needs

Ella Eyes has the two most caring, experienced and knowledgeable in   Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen. 

They have extensive experience and trainning in the field of optometry and they are specialized in preventative care for dry eyes, myopia managment and specialy contact lens fits. 

Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen also use the knowledge through their years of training and experience of treating patients  to examine, educate and treat their patients. 

Our patients will gain the knowledge of  how to care for their vision and maintain their good  ocular health. 

Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen have  carefully selected an excellent team of  opticians and optometric  assistants to create a knowlegeable, caring and friendly team to care for our patients. Our team will create a beautiful and fun eye care experience for all of our patients at Ella Eyes. 

Caring for Your Eyes

Our  experienced optometrists  Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen  will be able to identify any ocular issues, formulate various treatment options  to effectively  care and manage  the ocular health of  our patients .

Ella Eyes has consistently prioritized in acquiring the latest and most modern  optometric equipment.  This will enable our team  to offer  our patients the latest and various treatment options such as Lipidflow and LLLT for our dry eye patients.

Dr. Diana Ngo and Dr. Hang T. Nguyen offer our patients the latest vision-correcting accessories such as digital lenses, scleral lenses,  artificial tears and ocular vitamins .

 Ella Eyes  can also provide you with accessories that will allow you to maintain your lifestyle while you continue to work on improving your vision.

Starting Your Eye Care Journey 

Please contact us today for a consult with one of  our doctors to start your eye care journey at Ella Eyes.  Our doctors, opticians and optometric assistants  are ready to provide the best and most comprehensive eyecare  services to our patients. 

Our doctors and the entire team at Ella Eyes have served patients in Hedwig Village, Memorial, Tanglewood, Spring, Bellaire, and surrounding areas.

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