Scleral Lens

Are you looking for large-diameter contact lenses to fit your specific eyes? Scleral lenses offer significant benefits for people whose corneas are compromised by dryness, disease, or irregularity. The scleral lenses we offer at Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, create a consistent tear film across the eye's surface due to their large size and extended "base curve" (the diameter from one end to the other).

Scleral Lenses

Types of Scleral Lenses

Our eye doctor can customize three types of scleral contact lenses to fit your unique eyes. The type you choose will depend on the severity of your eye condition, whether or not you have had corneal transplants, and how much oxygen you need for adequate vision.

Mini-Scleral Lenses

Mini-scleral lenses are suitable for most patients with large corneas. They provide excellent coverage and comfort yet maintain a large enough central optical zone for patients to see clearly.

Full-Scleral Lenses

Full-scleral lenses are ideal for those with weak or no corneal tissue. The scleral shell extends around the entire eye circumference, providing excellent eye care. These lenses tend to be thicker and require a slightly stronger blink to maintain the tear film.

Hybrid Scleral Lenses

Hybrid scleral lenses are a good choice for those with corneal transplants or previous surface damage to the eye. The inner portion of the lens covers all or part of the cornea, while the outer portion is similar to a mini-scleral lens in that it covers portions of the white and conjunctival tissue.

Benefits of Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses provide many benefits for patients with severely compromised corneas. They include:

Extended Base Curves

These unique contacts offer extended base curves that allow for a larger tear film to cover the eye's surface. This helps patients suffering from dry eyes by covering more than just the pupil and iris.

Scleral Lens Cup

The outside of scleral lenses is thicker than regular contact lenses. A "scleral lens cup" surrounds the eye, containing the fluid needed to keep scleral lenses in place.

Scleral Lens Material

Scleral lenses are made from a thin, gas-permeable material that allows oxygen to reach the cornea. This makes them particularly good for patients with dry eyes, corneal transplants, and irregular corneas.

How to Take Care of Scleral Lenses

Like any other contact lens, it is essential to prepare and maintain your scleral lenses properly for effective eye care. Some tips include:

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