Inflammatory Dry Eye Treatment

We at Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, understand how uncomfortable inflammatory dry eye is and how it can affect your quality of life. Our team is ready to help you understand what is causing your symptoms and provide relief with tailored treatments to help improve your eye health. Give us a call today to learn how we may be able to help you get relief. An optometrist on our optometry team is here to help.

Inflammatory Dry Eye Treatment

What Is Inflammatory Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome, also called “dry eye,” is a common condition where your eyes don’t produce enough tears or the right kind of tears, causing irritation to your eye’s surface. Inflammatory dry eye is when inflammation affects the eye's surface and eyelids, drying out the tear film and preventing your eyes from maintaining ample moisture. You might have eye inflammation causing dry eye if you have the following symptoms:

●             Eye irritation and redness

●             Gritty feeling

●             Itching

●             Sensitivity to light

●             Blurred vision

●             Eye dryness and discomfort

Treatment for Inflammatory Dry Eye

Our professional team at Ella Eye can help with your eye inflammation and eye care. If you are experiencing these symptoms, our compassionate eye specialists are here to help you find relief with different treatments.

●             Prescription Eye Drops: We can provide special eye drops that will help reduce inflammation while keeping your eyes lubricated.

●             Nutrition: Altering your diet to include certain types of foods may help decrease inflammation and increase your natural tear production.

●             Lifestyle Adjustments: We may suggest lifestyle changes like diet, hygiene, and environmental enhancements that can help support your eye health.

Regular Eye Care Exams Are Important for Eye Health

Add regular eye exams with our eye doctor near you to help keep your inflammatory dry eye treated and managed. During a routine eye exam, our team will check your eyes for dry eyes and any other symptoms that are causing vision issues so that you can get the right kind of care.

Get Dry Eye Treatment and Eye Care from an Eye Doctor Near You for Eye Inflammation

If you are experiencing eye inflammation, dry eye syndrome, or any other eye or vision issue that is preventing you from enjoying your everyday lifestyle, contact our team at Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, and schedule an eye care exam today. Call us at (713) 722-9066 for dry eye treatment and eye care from an eye doctor near you for eye inflammation. An optometrist on our team is here to help.

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