Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. The fluids in the eye do not drain correctly, leading to a buildup of pressure within the eyeball. It is a serious condition that needs to be managed by an eye doctor. At Ella Eyes in Houston, our team is here to help. Let’s look at some of the symptoms of glaucoma.


Halos and Light Sensitivity

If you suddenly start seeing halos of light and have unexplained light sensitivity, it could be an early sign of glaucoma. Light sensitivity makes it difficult for you to keep your eyes open in bright light. It can be painful, so it is often an obvious symptom. While light sensitivity is connected with other conditions as well, you should watch for other glaucoma symptoms.

Severe Eye Pain

Glaucoma puts pressure on your optic nerve and the rest of your eyeball. This can lead to excruciating pain. Any severe pain in your eye should be examined by an optometrist, so make an appointment as soon as you realize you are in pain. The pressure can be relieved, but the optometrist needs to know what is going on before we can help you.

Blind Spots

If you have new blind spots in your vision, this can also be a sign of glaucoma. Often, these blind spots show up in the center of your vision or the periphery. These blind spots develop as the glaucoma damages the fibers of your optic nerve. This is a very serious situation, so get it checked, even if you have no other symptoms.


While headaches can be a sign of many different issues, they often show up with glaucoma. If you have multiple glaucoma symptoms along with headaches, it is time to get examined by an eye doctor.

Cloudy Eyes

If someone says your eyes look strangely cloudy, that could mean you’re developing glaucoma. Glaucoma can cause a small cloud to appear over the iris of your eye. This cloudiness can make your vision foggy as well. Since this symptom is visible to others, you can get confirmation from the people around you if needed.

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Glaucoma is a serious medical condition that needs to be treated by an eye care professional. At Ella Eyes in Houston, we are ready to diagnose and treat your glaucoma. Call our team today at (713) 722-9066.

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