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Conditions Treated With Our Optometry Care

While it’s important to keep our whole body healthy, vision is a high-priority. Given the importance of our vision during work, driving, and experiencing the things we love most, taking good care if it is vital for your health. However, it can be hard to know when you have an eye problem that needs professional care. No matter what vision issue you’re dealing with, Ella Eyes is here to help. Located in Houston, TX, we are proud to offer professional care to those in the entire surrounding area. To truly get the best care possible, it’s important to understand the conditions we treat here at our office.

Dry Eye.

Being one of the most common eye conditions, dry eye happens when your eyes can’t produce an adequate amount of tears. With this condition, you might feel like something is in your eye or experience a burning sensation. Some treatments that sometimes help include using a humidifier, using special eye drops, and taking certain nutritional supplements.

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This condition happens when the pressure in your eyes reaches high levels. If not treated quickly and correctly, this high pressure can cause damage to your optic nerve. No matter the severity of your glaucoma, we can help.

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If you’ve ever felt eye discomfort after reading for hours or spending a great deal of time on your phone or computer, then you’ve experienced eyestrain. If your vision continues to focus on something for a long period of time, your eyes start to get tired. When this happens to you, make sure to give your vision some rest and seek medical care if the issue gets worse.

Night Blindness.

If you find it difficult to see at night, particularly when driving, you may have night blindness. However, it’s important to note that night blindness is a symptom of other conditions such as cataracts, keratoconus, and a lack of vitamin A.

Color Blindness.

Color Blindness has to do with not seeing colors properly or when you can’t see certain colors at all. This occurs due to the absence or improper function of the cone cells in your eyes. Most people with this condition are born with it, but colorblindness can also develop over time. No matter how severe the condition, Ella Eyes is here to offer professional care.


Cataracts are cloudy areas that develop in the lens of the eye. When your eyes are working properly, the lens is clear, which enables light to pass through it easily. As cataracts form, they partially block light, leading to poor eyesight for the individual.

Top-Notch Eye Care Services.

We understand that vision problems can be painful and annoying, so we’re here to improve your vision with the professional care you deserve. To make an appointment with our reliable optometry office Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, call us today for exceptional eye care services! You can reach us at (713) 722-9066.

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