Pediatric Eye Exams

An Eye Doctor for Your Child

Like everything else with kids, their eyesight continues to develop dramatically through age ten. That means eye exams and pediatric evaluations are essential to catch issues before they become more significant problems.

Pediatric eye exam

Vision for kids in Houston, TX, is an essential component of daily function and directly impacts their education. If children can’t see correctly, it affects their ability to learn and perform in school. The trick is to catch these issues early. Early diagnoses often produce corrections that avoid permanent or severe problems in adulthood.

When Do Pediatric Eye Exams Start?

The typical start for pediatric eye exams starts at the newborn stage, mainly to confirm that the baby can see and there are no immediate signs of blindness or vision impairment. Then, our pediatrician will include wellness visits and eye exams as the baby develops and becomes a toddler.

At the age of three, when a child can start communicating, they will get their first eye chart exam. This exam is the start of absolute clarity and vision depth assessment. Again, pediatricians are looking for any signs of vision problems and will assign a referral to an eye specialist if anything begins to appear.

However, despite recommendations consistent from most doctors, many parents might feel that age three is too early. Eye doctors work with children all the time and have plenty of methods and toys to keep kids distracted while performing an accurate visual test.

Common Vision Conditions in Children

Some of the most common eye conditions an optometrist sees in children include issues ranging from “lazy eye” to myopia management to pink eye infections.

A lazy eye involves a miscommunication from the eye nerve to the brain. While one eye works fine, the other is unfocused, sending blurry visions. As a result, the brain goes to the lowest denominator and starts treating all images from both eyes as blurry. This issue is common in children, but can also be treated if found early.

There is visible cross-eyed eye behavior in children. One or both eyes could float and not communicate with the brain. Treatment can range from eyeglasses to guided exercises to repair eye muscle problems.

Pink Eye is a problem in grade school. It’s highly contagious and can spread quickly by contact. Whether bacteria or virus, it creates mucus from the eyes in a crusty form, with inflammation and itching. This problem is stopped with antibiotics and lots of hand-washing and prevention.

Houston, TX, Pediatric Eye Care

Ella Eyes regularly provides pediatric exams, and we help parents deal with early treatment for pediatric eye issues in their kids. From myopia management to essential eye exams, we cover pediatric eye care.

If your general practitioner has spotted something that needs a specialist referral, or you're worried about some vision behavior you're seeing in your child, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our team can confirm what's happening and provide you with the direction your child needs early and quickly for the best results. Call our office at (713) 722-9066 to schedule an appointment.

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