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At Ella Eyes in Houston, TX, we offer comprehensive eye care services, including treatment for pink eye. If you are experiencing this condition, here is what you need to know.

Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, or a reaction to allergens such as smoke or pollen. Viral infections are highly contagious and can be spread through contact with the mucus of an infected person. Bacterial infections are less contagious and can be caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

The most common symptom of pink eye is red, inflamed eyes. Other symptoms include yellow or greenish discharge or tears, itching, and burning sensations. You may also experience blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light. If you are experiencing these symptoms, seek treatment immediately at our office.

Treatment for Pink Eye

At Ella Eyes, our professionals will diagnose your pink eye and provide treatment options tailored to your specific situation. If you have bacterial pink eye, our eye doctors will prescribe a topical antibiotic. For viral infections, we usually recommend cool compresses and artificial tears. Anti-allergy eye drops or oral medications may be recommended for an allergic reaction.

During your visit, we will thoroughly examine your eyes and discuss the best treatment options for you. We understand how uncomfortable pink eye can be, and our goal is to provide high-quality care with a gentle and considerate approach.

It is best to remain home and isolated with pink eye since it is contagious. However, it will go away on its own and you can accelerate the healing process by following our treatment recommendations. Additionally, ensure that you keep your hands clean at all times and use sanitizing wipes for high-contact areas in your home to prevent further eye irritation. Generally, it takes about a week before your eyes return to normal.

Contact Ella Eyes in Houston for Pink Eye Relief

If you live in Houston and are experiencing pink eye, our team at Ella Eyes is here to help. Our trained staff has handled countless cases of pink eye, and we know how to get your eyes back to normal. Book an appointment with one of our optometrists by calling our office at (713) 722-9066.

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