OptiLight IPL

$200 off the OptiLight Advanced Dry Eye Package$100 off any thermal lid treatments.

We are excited to offer our patients a bright solution for dry eyes with OptiLight. It is the first and only IPL FDA approved for dry eye management. With OptiLight's innovative technology, Dr. Ngo and Dr. Nguyen have a real and effective solution for dry eyes.

Dry eye is more than just an irritation—it's a complex condition often perpetuated by a vicious cycle of inflammation. Understanding and intervening in this cycle is crucial for relief and recovery. Here’s how you can break this cycle and alleviate the discomfort associated with dry eyes:

Reduce Pro-Inflammatory Mediators: The first step in tackling dry eye is to decrease the level of pro-inflammatory mediators. These substances exacerbate inflammation and contribute to the vicious cycle of dry eye. Using anti-inflammatory medications or supplements can help in reducing these mediators, offering relief from symptoms.

Address Abnormal Blood Vessels and Rosacea: Abnormal blood vessels and rosacea can significantly contribute to eye discomfort and inflammation. Treatments that target these issues, such as laser therapy or prescribed medications, can alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage to the eye surface.

Decrease Demodex Mite Population: Demodex mites, tiny parasites that live on the skin, can aggravate dry eye symptoms by increasing inflammation. Proper eyelid hygiene and treatments aimed at reducing the population of these mites can help in restoring eye health.

Restore Meibomian Gland Functionality: The meibomian glands produce oil that prevents the evaporation of the eye's tear film. Restoring the morphology and functionality of these glands is essential. Treatments may include warm compresses, gland expression, or specific medications to improve gland function.

Increase Tear Breakup Time: Increasing the time it takes for tears to evaporate off the eye surface is critical in managing dry eye. This can be achieved through the use of artificial tears, punctual plugs to retain moisture, and lifestyle changes to improve eye hydration.

By addressing these key areas, individuals suffering from dry eye can significantly reduce inflammation and break the cycle of discomfort. Contact us at Ella Eyes for a consultation and take advantage of our Annual March's Dry Eye Promotions

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